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A quick catch up

Just been busy living the good life! Kids are back in school now for the year. Camryn goes back on Wedsnesday. I started back to work at the girls’ preschool as the PE teacher and doing part time accounting. Jason’s now working for Periscope Holdings. We are about to celebrate Camryn’s 5th birthday! Wow time flies! Here’s some pics to catch up. Starts with most recent and goes back in time.   

Christmas 2011 – Our 1st in Austin

Merry Christmas!
It’s been an amazing year. Lots of huge events this year! The most life changing moment of the year was our move from Houston to Austin in July.
Jason accepted a new job with Mutual Mobile here in Austin. Making the move with 3 young children to a new city has been the hardest thing I’ve experienced in as long as I can remember. It’s not been without its rewards though. Jason loves his new job and he’s finally feeling the appreciation and recoginition for his hard work for the first time in his career. His hours and the demands of the jobs he’s had at other companies kept him from being home for lots of the kids activities and even for the basic things like a family dinner. Now that he’s with Mutual Mobile, he gets to come home at a decent hour so he is able to enjoy day to day moments with us. This has lessened our stress levels and given us more family time. Additionally, we love Austin and have drempt of living here for many years. There has been lots of perks. The kids are in great schools, far better than the school Josh was in. Our new neighborhood is fantastic and more family oriented. Our area of town is really nice and peaceful. It’s such a beautiful town to live in and we are enjoying it. We’ve been back and forth to Houston a lot. Camryn had eye surgery in October which went extrememly well. The results were instantly obvious and her doctor was really pleased with the outcome. So are we. Her eyes are perfect!
Earlier in October, we celebrated Josh’s 7th Birthday! Can not begin to tell you how amazed I am that I have a 7 year old! He’s amazing. He’s so smart, handsome and a great athlete. A triple threat! He’s really adjusted well to the move. He’s making lots of friends at school and in the neighborhood. He’s enjoying all the outdoor fun Austin has to offer.
Late September brought us Camryn’s 1st Birthday. She certainly got her fill of cake. We had our party on her birthday where she got her first cake. Then a family celebration where she demolished a cake twice her size. She’s a firecracker and a girl on the go! She’s into everything and is everywhere all at the same time. It’s a struggle to keep up with her. She’s a climber and a riot a minute. We’ll have our hands full with her.
In August, we were here and there and everywhere. We were mostly between Houston and Austin getting our Houston house rented and repairs made to it. Truthfully, August was a blur but then again, most of the summer was as well. We only decided to move to Austin at the end of June, I think it was. Jason started his new job July 11th and we had just a few weeks to pack our family up. Somehow we made it here but not without some help. Towards the end of July we celebrated Jason’s and then Lauren’s 3rd birthday. She got a new bike and princess helmet. She loves her bike! Her little tiny legs peddle so fast on it. Lauren’s such a sweet, loving girl. She loves her Mama and Daddy. She also worships Josh and is sweet to Camryn. I can tell she can’t wait until Camryn is a little bit older so they can play together more. Still, they play together quite a bit and Camryn will hug  Lauren so tight. They love each other to death. All 3 of them. I’m lucky my kids love each other as much as they do. That’s not to say they don’t argue. “Josh isn’t sharing” “Camryn has bad attitude” Lauren’s complaints. Josh’s complains “Lauren’s not playing with me” “Camryn’s climbing on me” Camryn has taken to the fake cry to get her way.

The kiddos are getting excited about Christmas. We’ve had lots of fun around here. We went to the capitol to have their pictures taken this year. That was fun. Trying to get 3 kids looking at the same spot was impossible but the pictures are still cute because so are the subjects. Lauren just had her Christmas program and party. They were reindeers and sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Josh had his class party on Friday and they did a ton of crafts. We will be celebrating Christmas in Austin at our house. We’ll go to church at Lauren’s preschool which we hope becomes our new church home. Thanksgiving was great. My Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Von came for dinner and we had quite the feast. My mom came up that weekend to visit and we ran around and she watched the kids one night so we could go out on a date. Halloweeen we trick-or-treated in our neighborhood. Jason’s Mom and Sister came up to watch the kids trick or treat. The kids were so cute. Camryn was a sugar plum fairy, Lauren was a witch and Josh was a ninja. They had a lot of fun!

I’m sure I’m neglecting some other fun things we’ve been doing but that’s it in a nutshell. Ive uploaded a ton of pictures and will be adding more this weekend. It takes awhile.

Off to go look at Christmas lights tonight and the kids have a slumber party. Then we will have to go find our Elf, King’s, new hiding spot. Merry Christmas!

Happy 1st Birthday Cami!

Happy birthday to our sweet baby! She loved cake tonight like no other. In under a minute she ate all of her cake and spent the next 10 minutes licking icing off her hands, fingers and the plate. She’s some kind of wonderful. Always a laugh a minute and loves her big brother and big sister. More later.





What did YOU do this Summer?!


This summer was crazy! It has changed our life. We went from our happy life in Houston to moving and starting at new adventure in beautiful Austin!

I wanted to document the chaos so I put it into a calendar.


May-August 2011 Chaos



Us before leaving our house for the final time. :(


UT bound!Lauren's Birthday Cake!

Lauren’s Birthday Present – A BIG GIRL bike!

Happy 3rd Bday Lauren Paige!


Lauren’s First Pedicure :)
Josh feeding deer on our vacation
10 months old!
I love this smile!
LP with Chuck E.

We’ve had a memorable and busy summer. So glad to get back to normal around here! Loving Austin and meeting lots of new friends. Today, Josh started 1st grade. They grow up so fast.




School’s OUT!

Hey there, hi there, hello! It’s been awhile, I know, shame on me! I should do a better job of chronicling life with the kids. Instead, I’ve been really busy living it! We’re so focused on the things of the moment that not much else gets done around here these days. Oh well, here’s a brief summary of what’s going on.


Camryn’s 8 months old now and crawling all over the place! She pulls up on anything she can grab and just this week said her first word! “Mama” I swear a minute later the next word out of her mouth was “Bubba”. Just a few weeks ago (7 months old) she cut her first tooth and then the second one on the bottom dats later. She loves her big brother. She kisses him and he lets her pull his hair. Camryn loves her big sister too and all of the attention from Lauren. Lauren and Camryn play together well. Lauren gives Camryn the toys she doesn’t want to play with and likes to hold her and boss her around. I can see the future now. :)

Lauren will be 3 in July and is already excited! This past week she finally ditched her pacifier. The pacifier fairy came and got it one night and left her a pink scooter! She has done really well without her paci and we’re very proud of her. She’s so big! Lauren talks all of the time and she’s definitely a mini me! The other day we had a tent up in our living room (Jason’s idea). She stood on a stool by the tent and turned to Josh, Jason and Cami and said, “Listen UP Guys!” She then went on to mumble out some orders on what she wanted them to do.

Josh just wrapped up his school year and did a fantastic job in Kindergarten! He was really ready for summer to get here though. All the homework was wearing us both out. At dinner after his last day of school, he said to Jason, “Daddy, I graduLATED Kindergarten!” He’s a big 1st grader now. One of his trademark phrases these days is, “I’m freaking out dude, freaking out!” He’s so funny and smart! He has a lot of his Daddy’s personality with a dose of mine too. He’s just a great kid through and through.

So I’m going to break down the past few months working backwards…here goes…


Our last day of school was June 1st. We are enjoying the days of getting to sleep in later. I think I enjoy it the most! This week both Lauren and Josh are in a summer camp. Josh gets to do the Science Camp and Lauren does the regular camp. It’s a day camp so they are there from 9 to 1. This gives me some time to run errands and tackle some much-needed chores. I can’t tell you how much relief this provides me. They will go next week as well.

My cousins, Mike and Tucker, just graduated High School so we have their party to look forward to this weekend. Next weekend is Father’s Day and we will also have Camryn Baptised. It will be a very special weekend as well as a full month.

On to MAY:

So all through May, Josh played soccer and had a blast. Jason coached his team this year and they had a good time together. The kids on his team were a challenge. The first day at practice, one kid hit another kid so that set the tone for the year. Poor Jason for having to put up with that kid all season. I dont know how he did it.

Lauren had a dentist appointment for a check up in May. All is well of course. She brushes her teeth more than anyone should so her teeth are perfect! Her preschool had a Mother’s Tea to celebrate Mother’s Day. Lauren was too cute! She said, “Happy Mutter’s Day, Mom!” We had brownies and tea for me, lemonade for her. She made me a cute flower pot with her picture on it, a picture and something else that I can’t think of at the moment. All very cute and it was a nice time together.

The Friday before Mother’s Day, Jason and I went on a date! It had been awhile and so he made reservations at Max’s Wine Dive. It was a fabulous treat to go somewhere cool and not our typical nearby go-to spots. The food was good and it was a neat place. The date was somewhat short lived. Camryn was giving the sitter a hard time so we headed back early.

Then there was Mother’s Day which was hands down the BEST Mother’s Day anyone could ask for. The kids were so sweet to me all day and I got to sleep in which is always a bonus! We had dinner at my Mom’s house and celebrated Nick’s birthday with a crawfish dinner. It was great!

The following week, Josh started swim lessons. It’s a pretty intense session. There’s two weeks of classes Monday-Friday for 25 minutes. They take them really quickly through fundamentals and its alot of information to take in. We knew this from him taking the class previously so I signed him up for the maintenance classes so he could really perfect his skills and learn some new things along the way. He tries so hard and has alot of patience with it. I’m proud at how well he’s doing. It will be great for him to swim well and ease my mind when I’m at the pool with 3 kids.

Lauren’s also in Gymnastics and loves it! Of course she would, she’s our little daredevil! She and I go to that together and I enjoy our time together, just the two of us. She looks so cute in her leotard as she crosses the balance beam like a pro.

One weekend in May, my cousin, Terri, kept the kids overnight for us. I CAN NOT tell you how fabulous this was. We’ve never been without the kids overnight – ever! It wasn’t that we did anything crazy or went anywhere special. We just ate dinner at a leisurly pace without feeding anyone but ourselves, didn’t order off the kids menu or have to share our food. And not changing diapers for 18 hours was a bonus to say the least! The kids did great, had a good time swimming and playing. Terri is a god send!

Back to school events in May… End of school means lots of end of year parties. Lauren’s school has a Splash Day where the kids get to go through the “Kids Wash”, give car washes to their little ride on cars and just play in the water in general. She loved it! There was also the Summer Birthday Party for all the kids in Lauren’s class who have summer birthdays’. They had ice cream with all the toppings and Lauren brought party favors for her friends. The final day of school they had their Last Hurrah Party. I have no idea what they actually did but she was happy when she came home so I know she had fun! ha!

Josh’s school had a Showcase of Stars event where the students work for the year was shown to the parents. All year Josh worked on his white book. It had alot of art, stories he wrote and things of that nature in it. He was SO proud to show it to us. I’m very proud of him too.

We had more swim lessons and wrapped that up towards the end of May.

Next up, April:

The first weekend of April, we attended the Symphony and the kids were in awe. Josh loved the violins and Lauren soaked it all in. I was worried about how Camryn would do but she ended up falling asleep. Afterwards they had an instrument petting zoo and the kids were able to touch the instruments. Fun!

We had pictures of the kids taken in the bluebonnets and also with a couple bunnies.

Lauren had her Easter Egg Hunt at school, the kids loved that.

The Sunday before Easter was Josh’s Kidz Rock Easter Program. He sang Amazing Grace with the “Cool Kids”. It was precious.

Easter week we had our Spring Fling with friends. We have such a great time getting the kids together. Between 12 of my friends we have 29 kids who as close as siblings in many instances.

A few days later it was Easter. The Easter bunny did not disappoint these kids. Their Easter baskets were filled to the brim with goodies. There was even a bubble blowing machine that was so neat! We headed to my cousin, Terri’s house and had a fun Egg Hunt and a fabulous ham!

The last week of April was really special. My friend Sandy and i took our kids to my parents beach house for a couple days. The waves were crazy and the water hadnt warmed up much but the kids didnt care. They played on the beach, dug for shells and made sandcastles. It was two days of fun and when we got home we were pretty wiped out. The next day, Saturday, Jason told me we had plans and not to schedule anything. Then he surprised me with a family dinner and an early Mother’s Day present – a night in a suite at the Westin -ALONE! As a stay at home mom where i live and work in the same place, a break away of any kind is great but a night to myself in a Heavenly bed was just out of this world. He is so good to me.

There was March:

Lauren’s school had Donuts with Dad, so Jason took her to school and they shared a donut and she showed him off to her friends and gave Jason gifts. The following week was Rodeo Day andthey had a great time. There were pony rides, milking cows playing in the hay. I was volunteering that day so i got to spend play time with her. She’s come such a long way from crying every day the first few weeks of school. She really enjoys her time at school and loves going on her school day.

Spring Break came and we went to the park a lot. Jason took a day off and we took the kids to the Rodeo. It was fun. We saw butterflies up close and personal. The kids milked a pretend cow. Saw the farm animals, Bevo, and everything else. Ate well too.

So its been awhile and thats a good summary on why. We are enjoying our summer very much and have big news to report next week. Check back! Also- Im hoping to have pictures within this post as time allows but for now just check our picture site for those.















Deep In The Heart of Texas

Rodeo has just kicked off! YEE HAW!

It’s that time of year where lots of fun happens at school and the weather is getting that spring like feel and there’s so much to enjoy about being a kid.

I took the girls to Hermann Park last week and we had the best time playing with friends. We took a picnic lunch. Lauren is a little dare-devil and scares me a bit. She climbed up to the top of this play structure and so I said, “Go stand by Gwyn and I’ll take your picture.” I took a few steps back to take the picture. At that point she grabbed a pole that hung out over the ground and swung on it. Scared me to death. Caught it on film!

We played, ate lunch. took a scenic walk, and rode the train around afterwards. When I told her we were going to ride a train, she said, “A choo choo?” she had the funnies expression on her face that said – do you know what you are talking about?

Walking over to the train station:


On the train, they rode like this the whole way:

When we left, we headed to Western Day at Josh’s school (it was a busy and exhausting day!) He looked too cute. He insisted that his bandana go around his cowboy hat – who am I to argue? In the video pay attention to the first picture so you can pick him out in the videos of the dancing and particularly the square dancing. (Side note: Lauren is now doing all of the dances from his western day)

Camryn’s now 5 months old and is an eater! She won’t go back for a well baby check until 6 months so I’m excited to see how much she has grown.

5 months old!

Camryn laughing at the kids at 5 months

I had a great birthday this year! It was one of the very best I’ve had. I’m so grateful with all that God has blessed me with. My kids – of course, Jason, a loving family and the best friends ever! I have such a sweet husband. I don’t brag on him enough. He is a wonderful father, a caring and loving husband and a great provider for our family. I don’t know what I’d do without him. My kids are the greatest gift ever and so special to me in their own ways. My family loves and supports me and every decision 100% (no matter how stupid it may be!) and my friends are my rock and support as we journey through motherhood together.

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special. I love each of you so much!

Last but not least, thank you to my sweet Aunt Ronnie for coming down and visiting with us! We had the best time with you as always! XOXOXO!


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